Bottle Guy
By LOLShock

About Bottle Guy

Bottleguy is a famous internet shock image, artistic masterpiece and piece of internet history. The image depicts a man with a large bottle inserted in his ass. If you are wondering what happens when the bottle breaks - click here. The star of the image is Kirk, the Goatse Man. To see Kirk's other work, check out Goatse.

On first view this artistic masterpiece simply appears to be a bottle in a man's ass. On further examination the bottle represents man's understanding of reality and the ass is like our attempt to be free of ignorance. The penis and testicles are a separate reference to the western feminine ideal.

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About Kirk (AKA Bottleguy & Goatse)

Born: 3rd March 1972
Country: Canada
Interests: Ass stretching, Facebook, bottles, funny online videos
Favorite Movie: Bottle Shock
Best Known For: Being the guy who stretched his ass in a photo and became the world famous Goatse man

Special Skill:
Ass stretching